Huntsman Tournament ED RED



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TL;DR Summary:
The Jagdmann Tournament ED RED is a stylish red switch keyboard that does not contain batteries. There is no guarantee for software updates.

Jagdmann Tournament ED RED

Opto-Liner Buttons for Faster, More Responsive Shots: Enjoy instant response with 1.0mm optical activation. Every tip is saved by the light, giving you an instant edge over all your competitors. Ultrapolling: 1000 Hz Double-injection PBT keys for a robust and textured matte finish: Thanks to the double layer of PBT for greater resistance, these keys are designed to maintain their texture despite intensive use during training or competition. Integrated memory. To import your settings wherever you want: Be ready to play without waiting by activating up to 5 profile configurations from onboard storage or your custom settings in the cloud. Compact shape for easy portability: The compact design without a number pad makes it easy to position and move the keyboard for the ideal configuration. Detachable Type-C cable for easier installation and storage: unpack, plug in, and play worry-free as you move from one tournament to another. The safety lock ensures that the cable always stays connected during your games.

Farbe: Red Switch

Batteries included : No

Guaranteed software updates until : unknown


Weight: 740 Gramm

Dimensions: 36,2 x 14,1 x 3,7 cm

Brand: Visit the Razer


Does the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition have a clicky keypress?

The Huntsman uses clicky optical switches, while the TE has linear optical switches that are more sensitive. The TE is a Tenkeyless (TKL) board, meaning it does not include a numeric keypad.

What are the steps to adjust the red, green, and blue colors on my Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition?

To change the lighting effects and colors of your Razer keyboard, open Razer Synapse 2.0, select your keyboard from the device list, and then navigate to the “LIGHTING” section. From there, you can customize the lighting to your liking.

Is it possible to adjust the actuation point on the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition?

This is done by using Razer Synapse and adjusting the actuation point from 1.5 to 3.6mm.

Can the Huntsman Tournament Edition be switched out quickly and easily?

Only the clicky purple switches found in the Huntsman or Huntsman Mini can be used to replace the switches; other types of Cherry MX style switches won’t be compatible.

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Weight 740 kg
Dimensions 362 × 141 × 37 cm


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