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This Realpower USB Type C power bank has a battery capacity of 20000 Milliamp Hours and is compatible with IPhone Xs and Samsung Galaxy S22 phones. It has a yellow colour and is 21.2 x 7.1 x 2.7 cm in size with a weight of 420 Grams. It was first available for purchase on 4 July 2022 and is manufactured in China. This product has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with 13 customer reviews. It is ranked 34,783 in Electronics & Photo and 382 in Mobile Phone Portable Power Banks.

High capacity: 20,000 mAh provide your iPhone XS battery with over 4 charges, your Samsung Galaxy S22 with up to 4 full charges, your iPhone 13 with over 7 charges, and your iPad mini 6 with over 3 charges. Everything you need: the best charging speeds for your smartphone and tablets. If your power bank needs an extra dose of power, simply charge in less than 8 hours using the included charger. Nano Charger: only 3 cm long and therefore ideal for travelling. More than 18W power in the format of a small 5W charger. Fantastic efficiency with less heat generation in a small, feather-light design. Charge like a pro: the PD Power Delivery quick charge function provides fastest charging times for terminals and, thanks to the input/output also for the power bank itself. Two USB ports charge three devices together with the type C port at top speed. This is included: a RealPower PB-20000PD+ power bank, Nano USB-C charger, a USB Type-C fast charging cable – all in one colour.

Connector Type: USB Type C

Brand: Realpower

Battery capacity: 20000 Milliamp Hours

Compatible phone models: IPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy S22

Colour: Yellow

Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions: 21.2 x 7.1 x 2.7 cm; 420 Grams

Date First Available: 4 July 2022

Manufacturer: Realpower

Item model number: 390655

Country of origin: China

Best Sellers Rank: 34,783 in Electronics & Photo ( See Top 100 in Electronics & Photo ) 382 in Mobile Phone Portable Power Banks

Customer reviews: 4.6 4.6 out of 5 stars
13 ratings




Brand: Realpower


Would a 20000mAh power bank be sufficient for your needs?

A 20,000mAh
power bank should be able to charge both laptops and tablets.

How much time does it take to fill up a 20000mAh power bank?

A high capacity power bank is like a tall drinking glass, while a smaller power bank is like a shot glass. The tall drinking glass holds more liquid and therefore takes longer to fill, while the shot glass holds less and can be filled more quickly. Similarly, a power bank with a higher mAh capacity takes longer to charge, while one with a lower mAh capacity charges faster.

Approximately how long will a 20000mAh power bank operate?

This 20000mAh power bank provides enough juice to last up to a week on a single charge, making it the perfect companion for business trips or family vacations. No need to worry about running out of power while you’re away from home.

Which of the two power banks has a higher capacity, the 10000mAh or the 20000mAh?

A 10,000mAh power bank can provide approximately three full charges to a smartphone with a stated battery capacity, while a 20,000mAh power bank can provide more than six full charges. The number of charges can be determined by dividing the power bank’s capacity by the phone’s battery capacity.

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