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The Hama brand offers a digital product that can be used for business, personal and hobby purposes. It is battery powered and contains 4 AA batteries. It also has a frost alarm, an outdoor sensor, radio and an alarm clock function. The part number of the product is 186369.

In order to be able to guarantee good reception of the weather station, the choice of location is fundamentally important. For this reason, the weather station is equipped with a TEST button that can be used to test the reception quality in the area in order to find a suitable location. It is important to switch on all possible sources of interference that are in the room. Then place the weather station in the desired location and point it as desired. Keep a minimum distance of one meter from potential sources of interference. The information on the screen “GOOD RECEPTION” or “POOR RECEPTION” must be observed. Receiving very large amounts of data requires significantly more time than receiving less data via radio. Up to 24 hours from the first start-up are required to receive all data.

Brand : Hama

Specific uses for product : Business, Hobby, Personal

Display Type : Digital

Power Source : Battery powered

Special feature : frost alarm, outdoor sensor, radio, alarm clock function

Part number : 186369

Type of drive : battery operated

Batteries : 4 AA batteries required (included).


Weight: 510 Gramm

Dimensions: 3 x 15,3 x 10,5 cm

Brand: Visit the Hama


Which is the best wireless weather station?

Our partner AllesBeste checked 21 different weather stations in October 2022 and determined the Eurochron RC Pro wireless weather station, which is available for around 100 euros, to be the test winner. Learn more about alternatives and more details in the text.

What kind of weather information can you get with a weather station?

Various factors such as air and ground temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction and strength, amount and duration of precipitation, snow depth, cloud base and degree of cloud cover, visibility, sunshine duration and air hygiene are continuously monitored at a full-time weather station.

Which weather station is recommended?

In a test or comparison, the Sainlogic Profi WLAN weather station was rated as very good and received first place. Second place went to the Hama EWS-800, also very good. The Eschenbach Stratos took third place and also got a very good result. The TFA Xena 35.1162.54 took fourth place with a rating of good.

Which company produces the highest quality weather stations?

Which wireless weather stations are best rated? The best rated WiFi weather stations are DNT WiFi weather station WeatherScreen Pro, wetteronline.de home, TFA Dostmann 351077 Stratos, Brandson Wlan weather station 5in1 outdoor sensor and Netatmo weather station.

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Additional information

Weight 510 kg
Dimensions 3 × 153 × 105 cm


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