Coffee machine 1025-16 Look V Perfection from Melitta, AromaSelector, 1.25 liters,



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The Melitta brand offers a black, unbreakable thermal jug with a capacity of 1.25 liters, 1080 watts of power and a removable water tank and a descaling program. The product dimensions are 40D x 40W x 62H millimeters. Other special features include an automatic switch-off and a 3-in-1 Calc Protection.

Experience enjoyment: The fifth generation of this series offers a filter coffee machine with a removable water tank, a swivel filter including a drip stop and an integrated descaling program for easy cleaning. Patented aroma selector: with the stylish control dial, you can easily create an individual taste from mild to strong (20,40 or 60 min.) The filter coffee stays hot for a long time Modern design: Thanks to its attractive appearance, the Look V series is a real alternative to any coffee pad machine, capsule machine or coffee maker

Brand : Melitta

Capacity : 1.25 liters

Color : Black

Produktabmessungen: 40T x 40B x 62H Millimeter

Special feature : Removable water tank, Unbreakable thermal jug, Automatic switch-off: Yes, 3-in-1 Calc Protection Show more

Color : Black

Capacity : 1.25 liters

Power : 1080 watts

Material : Removable water tank and descaling program

Other specifications : Removable water tank, Shatterproof thermal jug, Auto shut-off: Yes, 3-in-1 Calc Protection


Weight: 3,46 Kilogramm

Dimensions: 10,04 x 10,24 x 15,83 cm

Brand: Visit the Melitta


How does the Melitta Aroma Selector work?

When you set the AromaSelector to mild, the water will flow out of the circle on the inside of the lid, evenly distributing it to the center of the filter. However, if you set it to strong, the water will only come out of the hole in the center of the lid.

How can I descale the Melitta Look Perfection?

We advise you to use MelittaⓇ “Anti Calc Liquid for Filter Coffee & Aqua Machines”. Just press the CALC button 2) and it will start flashing. The descaling process will then start automatically.

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Weight 346 kg
Dimensions 1004 × 1024 × 1583 cm


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