CONOPU Humidifier 6L, Ultrasonic Constant Temperature Humidifier with Three Modes,



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CONOPU is a 6 liter capacity pre-filter in black. It is made of ABS and has an automatic shut-off with a volume of 15 dB. It has a timer that lasts 24 hours.

air humidifier small The delicate water mist brings the aroma into every corner of the room. However, due to the dilution of the water, the effect cannot reach the level of an aromatherapy diffuser [Timing function] Humidifier heating 2-24 hours timed humidification mode, humidification will automatically stop when the time is up. When the humidifier is in a water shortage state, the humidifier will automatically stop operating to prevent the humidifier from drying out and protect the safety of you and your family [Exquisite Appearance] Humidifier Elegant frosted exterior, LED colored light strips at the bottom , strong industrial design background, atmospheric and beautiful humidifier in your living room. We strive for, Humidifier to bring you an elegant life aesthetic [Large air humidifier with intelligent control] This home humidifier supports intelligent humidity control. To set the desired humidity, simply press the “Humidifier” button and select a value between 55% and 90%. The display shows the humidity of the environment in real time. In addition, you can set a timer (0-24 hours) that will turn off the humidifier after the time has elapsed. Of course, the humidifier will also turn off automatically when there is no more water [Constant Humidity] During the dry autumn and winter months, you need a humidifier to help you Regulate the humidity in your environment and keep the entire room within a comfortable humidity range, making every breath more comfortable. This humidifier features constant humidity and can adjust humidity from 55% to 90% [Top Fill Large Humidifier] Humidifier Tired of other “upside-down” water tanks, this top-fill design humidifier will save you a lot of trouble, you can water add from above, you can also add water under the faucet, no more hassle or mess. For a better living environment, we recommend using filtered water, purified water, distilled water or better water. DO NOT use hard water. Please read the user manual before first use!

Brand : CONOPU

Special feature : timer

Color : Black

Filter type : pre-filter

Capacity : 6 liters

Color : Black

Capacity : 6 liters

Material: ABS

Auto Power Off : Yes

Loudness : 15dB

Running time : 24 hours

Other specifications : Timer


Weight: 1,7 Kilogramm

Dimensions: 28,8 x 18,8 x 37 cm

Brand: Visit the CONOPU


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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 288 × 188 × 37 cm


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