Worx WG261.9 20V Power Share 22″ Cordless Hedge Trimmer (Tool



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The WORX 20V Power Share 22” Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight, battery-powered tool designed to make trimming hedges, shrubs and trees easier and more enjoyable. With dual-cutting blades and a max cut diameter of 3/4 inch, it provides a clean, crisp, level cut at 2600 rev/min. It is 5.5 lbs with the battery attached, making it easy to maneuver, and features an over-mold soft-grip handle for comfort. This trimmer does not come with a battery, making it more cost-effective for users who already have Power Share batteries at home. It is made of plastic and is black and orange in color with dimensions of 34.08 x 7.63 x 8 inches and a weight of 4.6 pounds. It is made in China.

Unless you know the freedom that is hedge trimming without a cord, you’re missing out on the easier, more enjoyable way to get great looking bushes, trees, hedges, and shrubs. With all the twisting and turning that trimming requires, and all the distance that you have to travel to do it, cords only get in the way. And then there’s the danger of doubling back and actually cutting the cord. Nope, cordless hedge trimmers are better. And this one is pretty great. The 20V Power Share 22” Cordless Hedge Trimmer is packed with power, but it’s lightweight and easy to use. Dual-cutting blades slice every leaf and twig twice with their ¾” max cut diameter between each blade. And at 2600 rev/min they leave those shrubs with a clean, crisp, level cut. It’s only 5.5 lbs with the battery attached, that’s almost nothing, and easy to lift above your head and over the sides and underneath without getting fatigued. And the over-mold soft-grip handle is more comfortable to grasp and work with, so you won’t still feel the chore in your hands and arms in the morning. This trimmer doesn’t come with a battery, but that makes it less expensive. It’s made for Power Share users that already have a battery or two at home in the shed. Because every tool on the Power Share platform uses the same 20V batteries, so you can grow your collection and keep your yard looking great for less.

LIGHTWEIGHT BUT POWERFUL Ergonomic perfection: Tough yet comfortable to use, and long enough to make short work of your hedge trimming duties 22 CUTTING REACH Enough length for flat tops and long, even sides. Yet still nimble enough to round the corners. We didn’t arbitrarily pick 22—we think it’s just right SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER The same battery powers over 75 plus 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family GRAB N GO The D-grip handle lets you hold it from any angle and cut from any position that’s comfortable. Plus, it gives you the leverage to hoist it up high for the tops of tall hedges, or hold it down low for undergrowth CUTS TWICE AS NICE The dual-action blades cut once, then catches that branch again on the way back, just to make sure. For a trim that’s twice as clean, twice as powerful, twice as fast DESIGNED TO ABSORB VIBRATION A ¾ blade gap gets around those branches and rips right through them, while the overmold construction on the grips dissipates all that power so you hardly feel a thing. CUT THE CORD You don’t have to worry about doubling back and catching the cord. Enjoy the freedom of cordless, rechargeable, power gardening tools equipped with PowerShare batteries

Brand: WORX

Power Source: Battery Powered

Color: Black/Orange

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 34.08 x 7.63 x 8 inches

Item Weight: 4.6 Pounds

Power Source: Battery Powered

Color: Black/Orange

Blade Length: 22 Inches

Material: Plastic

Country of Origin: China


Weight: 4.6 pounds

Dimensions: 34.08 x 7.63 x 8 inches

Brand: WORX


Will a 20V hedge trimmer provide enough power?

The DEWALT 22-Inch 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer has a 20-volt, 5 amp-hour battery that provides users with plenty of power and a lengthy run time. Depending on the job, users can get up to an hour of battery life before needing to recharge.

What would be the more advantageous option between a 20V and a 40V hedge trimmer?

The 40V trimmer will be able to work for three times longer than the 20V unit on one charge due to having more watt hours, which is like having more “fuel”.

Approximately how long will a 20V battery-powered hedge trimmer run?

Some models also offer
longer-lasting and more powerful batteries, such as the 80V and 120V varieties.

How long can a hedge trimmer run on a single battery charge?

The maximum amount of time you can use a battery-powered hedge trimmer for is usually between 30 and 80 minutes when the battery is fully charged. Hedge trimmers require less power than other cordless electric tools like lawn mowers and leaf blowers, so the runtime is usually quite long.

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Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 34.08 × 7.63 × 8 cm


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