Valiant Remora Stove Fan with Magnetic Smoke Tube Heat Operated (FIR350) Black 200



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TL;DR Summary:
The Valiant Remora Exhaust Pipe Fan is designed for limited spaces to move air horizontally away from the stove instead of exhausting it upwards. It is made of alloy steel and has a wattage rating of 5 watts and a voltage rating of 5 volts. Its dimensions are 200 x 180 x 120 mm. It has a temperature range of 50 to 340 degrees Celsius and the blade length is 18 inches. The Magnetic Oven Fan comes with an assembly kit, magnetic clamp, fan blades and an instruction manual. However, it is not suitable for large rooms as you will be sitting far away from your fire and may not notice the effects of the fan.

Note: – This fan is not designed for large open spaces. The fan moves the air horizontally away from the stove instead of allowing the air to exhaust upwards. However, this is only effective in limited spaces. If you’re using it in larger spaces, you might not notice it if you’re sitting far away from your fire. Troubleshooting Steps

During initial setup, the fan may require manual intervention to spin. This is due to the cold temperatures during storage.

Marke: Valiant

Color : Black

Power Source : Wired

Style : Remora, Exhaust Pipe

Produktabmessungen: 4,7T x 7,1B x 7,9H cm

Room type : All rooms

Special feature : Magnetic oven fan

Recommended uses for product : Deaerating

Material : Alloy steel

Wattzahl: 5 Watt

Batteries : Product specific batteries required.

Size : 200 x 180 x 120mm

Color : Black

Style : Remora, Exhaust Pipe

Material : Alloy steel

Form: Wandmontage

Type of drive : Wired

Volts : 5 Volts

Watt: 5 Watt

Number of packs : 1

Number of parts : 1

Temperature range : 50 – 340 degrees Celsius

Blade length : 18 inches

System of measurement : Metric

Special Features : Magnetic oven fan

Scope of delivery : Including magnet clamp, fan blades, mounting kit, user manual

Batteries included : No

Batteries required : No


Weight: 770 Gramm

Dimensions: 4,72 x 7,09 x 7,87 cm

Brand: Marke: Valiant


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Additional information

Weight 770 kg
Dimensions 472 × 709 × 787 cm


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