Tristar mini hot air fryer / air fryer with 2 liters – 77.8% less energy consumption –



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This product has a dimension of 25D x 25W x 30H cm and a color of analog. It has a capacity of 2 liters and is made of plastic. It has an output power of 1000 watts at 220 volts, has an automatic switch-off and has a volume of 44 dB.

Save up to 77.8% energy in your home when you use this Princess air fryer. The calculation is based on a comparison between a conventional 3300W oven and our air fryer. Not only will you use less energy, but your food will cook much faster. Hot air fryer in a compact mini design for crispy fries without the use of oil. Removable basket, quick air recirculation, stay-cool handles, non-stick coating, non-slip feet. With an output of 1000 watts, 2 liter capacity, a 30 minute timer and a temperature range of 80-200°C. Versatile preparation options for chips, poultry, schnitzel, pastries, fish and much more. Also suitable for camping. You must determine the required preparation time for the ingredient.

Produktabmessungen: 25T x 25B x 30H cm

Color : analogue

Capacity : 2 liters

Material : plastic

Output power : 1000 watts

Color : analogue

Capacity : 2 liters

Power : 1000 watts

Voltage : 220 volts

Material : plastic

Auto Power Off : Yes

Loudness : 44dB


Weight: 1 Kilogramm

Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 30 cm

Brand: Visit the Tristar


Is it possible to save energy by using an air fryer?

Unlike a traditional oven, an air fryer doesn’t need to preheat, making it faster and more efficient. The Ninja AF300EU and AF400EU are up to 75% faster than a convection oven*, meaning they not only save time, but also energy and money.

Does an air fryer use a lot of electricity?

When using an air fryer, the power consumption is on average higher than that of an oven. Is it still worth using an air fryer? Yes, because the cooking time is usually shorter. This saves money compared to an oven.

How much energy can be saved by using an air fryer?

The electricity price of 37.3 cents/kWh (as of July 2022) means that preparing fries with an air fryer is much cheaper than with a conventional oven, as the cost is only around 13 cents.

Which appliance uses more electricity, a deep fryer or an air fryer?

In rare cases, the power can be up to 3000 watts. A fryer with an output of 2000 watts requires 2 kilowatt hours per hour.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm


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