TOPDON OBD2 Diagnostic Tool ArtiDiag500, Car Diagnostic Tool for Engine/Transmission/ABS/SRS,



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TOPDON’s ArtiDiag500-DE is a battery-powered Android device with a 5-inch screen. It is a 4-system diagnostic tool for motor/SRS/ABS/gearbox with full OBD2 functions, AutoVIN, free software updates, 4-in-1 live graphics data, battery voltage monitoring, online feedback, and the ability to look up fault codes in a library. It has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars from 224 reviews and is ranked 13,159 in Automotive and 98 in OBD-II Engine System Diagnostic Tools. It was first available on February 18, 2021.

【Trying out ArtiDiag500】 Get the Pro-Level Car Diagnostic Tool at Affordable Price:Diagnostic for Motor/AT/SRS/ABS with 4-in-1 Live Graphic Data; All OBD2 Tests; 57 Brands/More Than 10000 Models; One button to retrieve the FIN of the vehicle in just 5 seconds; One button. Print for free and life Long updates via Wi-Fi, error code (DTC) library, menu in 9 languages, real-time control of battery voltage, high-resolution 5-inch touchscreen, 6,100 mAh battery (over 10 hours). operating time). Please contact [email protected] to check if this scan tool is compatible with your car. Car diagnostic device for 4 systems: access to 4 important vehicle systems engine/ABS/SRS/transmission; obtain version info of the engine control; determine error codes (DTC) with the error code library and 4-in-1 live graphics data to locate the interferences; clear error codes to turn off warning lights after repairs (for cars with year of manufacture 2005. and newer). This OBD2 code reader also has all kinds of OBD2 tests to inassume most emission-related problems to help you extend the life of the car by improving performance. 3 reset functions: purchase after October 18, 2022, with the same cost, TOPDON AD500 OBD2 scanner has been fully updated. Click on “Update” to update the system and get 3 more reset services: ✅Oil Reset, ✅Steering Angle Sensor Reset, ✅Throttle Adjustment. It will help you save a lot of money and add features. Fin of the car + 4-in-1 live graphics data + battery voltage monitoring + online feedback + look-up of error codes in the library: Smart AutoVIN (FIN) replaces the manual selection of the car brand, model and year and initiates a proper diagnostic. Max. 4 connected live data streams for a much easier data analysis. Online diagnostic feedback next to the diagnostic tool, so that you can even get tricky repairs well over the stage. Real-time car battery voltage monitoring shows potential vehicle defects. This scan tool works with most 1996 and newer OBD2 compliant vehicles, includes 57 car brands, more than 10000 models from America, Europe and Asia (Malaysia, India, including Iran) and has a multilingual menu for effortless operation (EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, RU, PT, JP, KR). Extended warranty over 2 years on all device problems related to product quality.To ensure this OBD2 scanner works with your car or for any support, contact 24/7 [email protected]. The cap must be tightened when the 16 pin cable is plugged in, otherwise the cable will easily loosen


Power source: Battery Powered

Operating system: Android

Screen Size: 5 Inches

Manufacturer: TOPDON


Model: ArtiDiag500-DE

Item Weight: 1.19 kg

Package Dimensions: 27.4 x 22.2 x 8.3 cm; 1.19 Kilograms

Item model number: ArtiDiag500

Manufacturer part number: ArtiDiag500

Special Features: *4 system diagnostic tool for motor/SRS/ABS/gearbox;*Full OBD2 function;*AutoVIN;*Free software update;*4-in-1 live graphics data;*Battery voltage monitoring;*Online feedback;*Look up fault codes in library

Customer Reviews: 4.0 4.0 out of 5 stars
224 ratings

Best Sellers Rank: 13,159 in Automotive ( See Top 100 in Automotive ) 98 in OBD-II Engine System Diagnostic Tools

Date First Available: 18 Feb. 2021






Which topdon OBD2 scanner is the most highly rated?

We chose the TOPDON ArtiDiag800BT as the top OBD2 scanner due to its comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, user-friendly design, and its wireless connectivity.

Is it possible to use an OBD2 scanner to read the ABS system?

ABS Scan Tool, also referred to as an OBD2 ABS Scanner, is a useful device for automotive diagnostics. It helps to identify issues with the airbag and brake systems in your vehicle which are vital for effective diagnosis.

What is a device that can read SRS codes?

The ABS/SRS diagnostic function is used to access data from the vehicle’s ABS/SRS systems, and to clear codes that might be causing the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to come on. It also gives the meaning of each code, which assists in identifying any issues within the systems.

Which diagnostic system does AutoZone employ?

If you have a check engine light on and need to find out what is wrong, visit your local AutoZone and inquire about the Fix Finder. This tool reads the diagnostic trouble codes from the onboard computer of your vehicle, along with the make, model and mileage.

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