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This Sharp brand product has a black exterior and a 20L cooking chamber capacity. It also has a microwave function, automatic defrosting, and a grey painted interior for easy cleaning. It is recommended for private use and is freestanding with a wattage of 800. The material is glass and includes a microwave. It has item model number 18100087 and has 1,175 customer reviews with 4.4 stars out of 5. Its dimensions are 33D x 43W x 25H centimetres and weighs 10.9 kilograms.

Solo compact microwave device with mechanical operation – ideal for defrosting, cooking and heating 20 litre cooking chamber volume – enough space for your food 800 watt power – for fast heating of your food 5 power levels – for more flexibility when cooking Timer – from 00 seconds to 35 minutes

Brand: SHARP

Product dimensions: 33D x 43W x 25H centimetres

Colour: Black

Capacity: 20 litres

Special feature: Microwave function, Automatic defrosting, 20 L cooking chamber, 800 W, mechanical operation, grey painted interior for easy cleaning, defrosting aid See more

Recommended uses for product: Privat

Installation Type: Freestanding

Wattage: 800 watts

Material: Glas

Included Components: Microwave

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Product Dimensions: 33.82 x 43.95 x 25.63 cm; 10.9 Kilograms

Manufacturer: Sharp Home Appliances

Item model number: 18100087

Customer reviews: 4.4 4.4 out of 5 stars
1,175 ratings




Brand: SHARP


Would it be alright to use a microwave with 800W of power?

Medium-high power level (500-800 watts) is a great option for reheating leftovers or cooking denser foods like meatloaf or roasts that may have come out overcooked or singed when using the high setting.

Do Sharp microwaves have high-quality construction?

Additionally, Sharp microwaves are known for their
excellent durability, even after extended use.

Is a 20 Litre microwave large enough?

A 20-litre microwave oven is ideal for smaller households who often use a microwave. It is a great time-saving appliance that covers all the basic needs for those looking for a dependable microwave.

What is the typical lifespan of a sharp microwave?

The average lifetime of a microwave oven is around seven years, but this can be reduced to four to five years with frequent and intensive use. Families who use the appliance regularly and don’t take proper care of it may find they need to replace it more often.

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