Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma – Fully Customizable Xbox Series X|S



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TL;DR Summary:
Razer brings wireless connectivity to game consoles. The multifunction keyboard comes with a backlit feature and 6 keys, in white color and an open style. It is compatible with the Android 10.0 operating system and has dimensions of 60 x 60 x 85 cm.

6 ADDITIONAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL KEYS FOR EVEN MORE CONTROL AND ADJUSTMENT POSSIBILITIES: Thanks to 4 additional triggers and 2 bumpers that can be assigned via the Razer Controller Setup for Xbox app, the controller leaves all options open to adjust the functions according to your own wishes. INTERCHANGEABLE STICK CAPS EVEN MORE PRECISION: The scope of delivery of the controller includes short and longer stick shafts, so that analogue control can be controlled even more naturally and precisely, no matter how the sticks are operated. HAIR TRIGGER MODE WITH TRIGGER STOPPER SWITCHES FOR LIGHTNING FAST ACTIVATION: Sliders on the bottom of the controller can be used to shorten the key travel of the two triggers — a competitive advantage that allows commands to be activated one after the other much faster. RAZER DIRECT RELEASE MECHA TACTILE ACTION BUTTONS AND DIAL WITH TACTILE FEEDBACK: With a shorter button travel and even better tactile feedback with each trigger, the controller offers maximum reliability and speed in every tournament. IMPROVED ERGONOMICS EVEN BETTER HANDLING, EVEN MORE COMFORT: The controller’s modified L-shaped grips are covered with non-slip rubber for a secure but flexible grip — natural, effortless control for all-day gaming.

Brand : Razer

Compatible Devices : Game console

Connectivity Technology : Wireless

Keyboard description : Multifunctional

Special feature : Backlit

Color : white

Operating system : Android 10.0

Number of keys : 6

Style : Open

Artikelmaße L x B x H: 60 x 60 x 85 cm




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