Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox – Wireless Headset for Xbox



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Is it possible to connect any headset to the Xbox?

There are several ways to connect a headset to the Xbox Series X and S. One option is to connect it via the 3.5mm audio port on the controller. In total, there are 5 different ways to connect a gaming headset to the Xbox console either wirelessly or wired.

Is it possible to connect a wireless headset to the Xbox?

Microsoft consoles like the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and others don’t work with Bluetooth accessories. Therefore, it is not possible to use Bluetooth headphones with these consoles. The reason for this is that a Bluetooth connection transmits the sound, which then comes to the headphones with a latency, resulting in a delay in the sound.

How to connect Bluetooth headset to Xbox?

Open the Bluetooth menu on your device and search for available devices. The Xbox Wireless Headset should appear in the list. When the headset is successfully connected to your device, the power light stops blinking.

How do I connect headphones to Xbox?

3 Plug the gaming headset into the USB dongle. 4 Press the Xbox button on the controller to connect. 5 If you want to use the headset, make sure it is switched on.

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