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This OMISOON electric heating product is black and is powered by a corded electric source. It uses forced air to generate heat and its dimensions measure 17D x 17W x 41H centimetres. It has a model number of 6974841400708, weighs 2.92 kg and has an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1,072 ratings. It is ranked #201,811 in the Home & Kitchen category and #354 in the Electric Heating category and was first released on August 12, 2022.

☀️2S Fast Heating: The powerful PTC ceramic heating elements and the maximum power of 2000W allow the fan heater to heat up within 2 seconds. You can feel the change from cold to warm in seconds. Eco thermostat and low energy consumption: you can set the temperature between 17-37°C. With a built-in precision temperature sensor, the ECO mode intelligently adjusts the heating output of the thermostat heating to the ambient temperature, heats automatically and turns on / off to get the temperature environment you set. So you can effectively save electricity bills and energy costs. ☀️90° oscillation and 75° blind design: Compared to other electric heaters, this fan heater is equipped with 35° to 40° adjustable blinds (up/down) and 90° swivel (left and right), which means that more area can be covered and more evenly. ☀️24H timer and remote control: This energy-saving fan heater has a 0-24H timer that can be switched off automatically. It can ensure safety and save electricity bills. You can easily reach all functions with the top buttons or the included removable controller. ☀️Multipurpose: This electric heater has three modes that not only meet your heating needs, but also allow you to use it all year round, reducing the cost of other devices you buy. Low (900 W), high (2000 W), natural wind (8 W) ☀️Multiple safety precautions: Our energy-saving quiet fan heater is equipped with automatic shut-off protection against overheating and tilting, PTC ceramic technology and made of high quality flame retardant materials. It is safe for your home. Portable and convenient: this electric heater has a removable filter that is easy to clean and filters out dust to ensure a clean and warm flow performance. With a carry handle design, it is suitable for small spaces or personal use, such as small offices, bedrooms, zips Make sure the film on the control panel is removed before use.


Colour: Black

Power source: Corded Electric

Heating method: Forced Air

Product dimensions: 17D x 17W x 41H centimetres


Model Number: 6974841400708

Colour: Black

Product Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 41 cm; 2.92 Kilograms

Item Weight: 2.92 kg

Customer Reviews: 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars
1,072 ratings

Best Sellers Rank: 201,811 in Home & Kitchen ( See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen ) 354 in Electric Heating

Date First Available: 12 Aug. 2022






How much does it cost to operate a 2000W heater?

Convection heaters typically require more power to run than radiant heaters, usually in the range of 2000 watts. Because of this, they may be more expensive to use, and people tend to keep them on for longer periods of time.

Does a fan heater require a large amount of electricity?

What is the power consumption of a 2000 watt heater?

The wattage of an appliance determines how much power it requires. One kilowatt (1000 watts) is equal to one unit of electricity. Therefore, if you run an appliance that has 1000 watts for one hour, you use one unit (kilowatt hour) of electricity. Additionally, one unit of electricity can power a 2000 watt plug in heater for 30 minutes, or a 100 watt bulb for 10 hours.

What’s the most cost-effective heater to operate?

Storage heaters. …
Infrared heater. …
Electric fire.

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