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The Kenwood 2-in-1 MultiPro ExpressTM is a versatile, powerful and durable food processor that makes it easy to prepare meals and perform creative cooking. It has a 1000W motor that is powerful enough to handle anything while also being gentle on delicate ingredients. It comes with a 3L food processor bowl, a Blend Extract 2GO pitcher, a 4mm metal disc for cutting and grating, a 2-in-1 baking tool for dough and emulsifying, and a double feed tube slider. It is easy to put on and is dishwasher safe. It is also space-saving and has a model number of FDP65.180SI. It has a silver colour and weighs 2.75 kilograms. It is ranked 1,957,708 in Home & Kitchen and 716 in Full-Size Food Processors. It was first available on 30 Sept. 2021.

Whether you want to prepare quantities or perform creative meals to get you through the week, Kenwood 2-in-1 MultiPro ExpressTMoffers the capacity and ability to support you in the kitchen. Switch from the 3L food processor bowl to our Blend Extract 2GO pitcher for healthy homemade in seconds. The 1000W motor is powerful to handle anything. You need yet gentle on more delicate ingredients. Precise and durable 4mm metal disc for cutting and grating. It is easy to put on without the need to assemble. Discover our unique and space-saving 2-in-1 baking tool™ doubles as a dough and emulsifying tool for hassle-free baking. This versatile 2-in-1 food processor is the perfect kitchen companion. Box contents: • 3L bowl • Food processor lid with double feed tube slider • Blend-Xtract 2go lid • 2-in-1 lid 1 x Baking Tool • 4mm disc/lattice disc, knife blade, spatula

Powerful 1000 W motor with patented dual drive system for effortless, professional results Large bowl with 3 litre capacity and 1.5 litre capacity, ideal for larger quantities. 1.5L Blender Easy to clean, generous mixing capacity 2 in 1 baking tool. Unique, space-saving dough and emulsifying tool combined for easy baking SpeedSelect dial perfect for comfortable and easy speed selection

Brand: Kenwood

Special feature: Dishwasher safe parts

Colour: Silver

Power / Wattage: 1000 KW

Material: Metal

Brand: Kenwood

Model Number: FDP65.180SI

Colour: Silver

Package Dimensions: 48 x 40 x 31 cm; 2.75 Kilograms

Power / Wattage: 1000 KW

Material: Metal

Number of Speeds: 2

Special Features: Dishwasher safe parts

Item Weight: 2.75 Kilograms

Best Sellers Rank: 1,957,708 in Home & Kitchen ( See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen ) 716 in Full-Size Food Processors

Date First Available: 30 Sept. 2021




Brand: Kenwood


What are the capabilities of a Kenwood MultiPro?

The MultiPro Excel has a wider feed tube than the MultiPro Express, so you can put larger ingredients like onions and potatoes in without needing to cut them up first. The MultiPro Express, on the other hand, comes with an Express Serve™ attachment which enables you to grate, slice and dice directly onto your plate or pan without needing to clean the main bowl.

What is the wattage of a Kenwood MultiPro Express food processor?

are dishwasher safe

Is it possible to extract juice using a Kenwood food processor?

You can use the Kenwood food processor to extract the maximum amount of juice from citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits without leaving any pips behind. This special attachment helps you get the most out of the vitamin C-rich fruits.

How big is the Kenwood MultiPro compact food processor?

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