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This product is the Eco Ceramic model. It is powered by a wired connection and uses forced air to produce heat output of 2200 Watts. The package dimensions are 34.79 x 24.8 x 18.9 cm and it weighs 2.07 Kilograms. It was first available on 25 Nov. 2021.

Ceramic technology: fast and efficient heating Energy consumption reduced by 40% For all seasons with 3 temperature levels: cool, hot, very hot Dust filter Room thermostat for selecting and maintaining the temperature

Power source : Wired

Heating method : forced air

Heat output: 2200 Watts

Model Number: Eco Ceramic

Package Dimensions: 34.79 x 24.8 x 18.9 cm; 2.07 Kilograms

Item Weight: 2.07 Kilograms

Date First Available: 25 Nov. 2021






Are ceramic heaters energy consuming?

Ceramic heaters are highly efficient radiators due to their design which virtually eliminates energy waste. They generate heat rapidly and are able to retain it for longer periods of time, resulting in less energy being utilized.

Do ceramic heaters provide more energy efficiency than fan heaters?

Modern models of heaters are equipped with ceramic elements that become more resilient as the temperature rises (they have a “positive thermal coefficient”). This allows them to generate heat more rapidly and maintain it for longer periods, thus making them more cost-effective than traditional fan heaters, as long as the thermostat is used properly.

Do ceramic fan heaters provide good results?

Ceramic heating elements provide greater resistance than traditional metal units, resulting in more heat being generated per watt of energy used. This makes them an energy-efficient way to heat a room. Many ceramic models are in the form of fan heaters, which disperse the hot air with a small fan.

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