Goodyear 77932 Snow Chains 12mm for SUV, Van and Motorhome



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The Goodyear snow chains 77932 are available in 12 mm for SUV, van and motorhome with self-adjusting system and size 230. They fit tire sizes from 225/55-R13 to 225/40-R19. This model is made of ABS material and weighs 4.5 kilograms.

Goodyear 77932 Self-Tightening Snow Chains 12mm for SUV, Van and Motorhome – Size 230. This model fits the following tire sizes: 225/55-r13, 215-r14, 750-r14, 215/75-r14, 215/80-r14 , 670-r15, 215/70-r15, 225/70-r15, GR78-r15, 205/80-r15, 215/75-r15, 225/60-r16, 225/65-r16, 205/70-r16 , 640-r16, 185-r16, 195-r16, 195/75-r16, 640-r16, 600-r16, 215/70-r16, 215/65-r16, 195/80-r16, 600-r16,5 , 800-r16.5, 215/55-r17, 225/55-r17, 215/50-r18, 225/45-r18, 225/40-r19

12 mm chain link thickness. Self-tightening system Safety tested TüV, UNI 11313:2010, Onorm V5117. ABS/ESP compatible. Extreme grip on ice, optimal braking and steering behavior on slippery surfaces.


Material: Abs

Item weight : 4.5 kilograms

Vehicle Service Type : Van

Model : 77932

Manufacturer part number/serial number : 77932


Weight: 4,5 Kilogramm

Dimensions: 30 x 7,5 x 35 cm

Brand: Marke: GOOD YEAR


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Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 30 × 75 × 35 cm


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