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This product is designed to help people stay organized and efficient. It features a digital calendar, to-do list, and reminders to ensure tasks are completed on time.

This product helps users stay on top of their tasks and keeps them organized. It includes a digital calendar, to-do list, and notifications to help users stay on track and complete tasks in a timely manner.

The Einhell 18 V 5.2 Ah PXC starter kit with a 18 V 5.2 Ah Plus Power X-Change battery and the fast charger is part of the limitlessly combinable battery system Power X-Change The process-controlled, active battery management system ABS constantly monitors the parameters of the battery using the microprocessor. This ensures optimal device performance The high-quality battery resists the memory effect and the battery standard self-discharge. The 5.2 Ah battery is the ideal base for all system devices in the Power X-Change range The current charge status can be controlled by a 3-stage LED display. The housing resists dust, corrosion and mechanical influences due to the robust design Fast charging technology makes charging times short. For optimal charging and high safety, the battery is constantly monitored by intelligent charging management




Brand: Einhell


Which type of battery is suitable for use with Einhell products?

The Einhell 18V 4-6 Ah Multi-Ah PXC PLUS is part of the Einhell Power X-Change interchangeable battery system, which offers a variety of functions for multiple uses.

Can Einhell batteries be used interchangeably?

The Twin-Pack 18V 2.5Ah Power X-Change batteries are part of the Einhell Power X-Change system, which allows for versatile and interchangeable rechargeable batteries.

What is the charging time for an Einhell battery?

If you need a charger with a quick charging time and efficient performance, Einhell chargers are the perfect choice. The 2.5 Ah battery can be fully charged in just 50 minutes, and if left in the charger for longer, it will be charged to 100% with care. Look for compatible parts and accessories for your Einhell product.

Is Ozito and Einhell the same brand?

All the tools, batteries, and chargers that are part of the Power X Change battery system can be used interchangeably with both Ozito and Einhell tools.

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