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ViATOM’s Armfit Plus is a battery powered device that measures 135mm x 45mm x 20mm and weighs 240 grams. It has a strap width of 32 cm and product dimensions of 13.5L x 6.9W x 2D cm. It is a single piece originally from China.

☀️ All in One Health Monitor: Blood pressure device with EKG for home is an amazing solution. Being able to check blood pressure and EKG with a single wearable device provides systolic, diastolic, pulse rate, heart rate and EKG waveforms and comprehensively monitors your heart condition, helping you to keep BP counts under control and ultimately have a healthier heart. ☀️ Accurate measurement and multi-user trends : Each dataset can be named and noted, and blood pressure trends can be viewed by selected users, suitable for family use. (APP with unlimited storage) ☀️ Easy to use: Just operate 2 buttons, follow the on-screen instructions and check your health status within 30 seconds. The built-in memory can store 10 sets of ECG waveform and 50 sets of blood pressure data, so it can work independently without a smartphone. You can also check your real-time data on the APP dashboard when the blood pressure monitor is connected. ☀️ Free App for Android and iOS: For most smartphones and tablets, data is synchronized with the APP when the blood pressure monitor is connected to your phone. An easy-to-read report will help you better understand your condition. You can share your report with others with one click. ☀️ Portable and Travel: The compact, one-piece design makes it easy to monitor your blood pressure and ECG from the comfort of your home, while traveling, or at work. ☀️ TIPS: The APP is currently being updated. Should you encounter any problem,

Brand : ViATOM

Power Source : Battery powered

Size : 135mm × 45mm × 20mm

Item weight : 240 grams

Modellname: Armfit Plus

Strap width : 32 cm

Produktabmessungen : 13,5L x 6,9B x 2D cm

Quantity : 1.00 pieces

Country of origin : China

Country of origin : China




Brand: Marke: ViATOM


What kind of blood pressure monitor do cardiologists recommend?

The Omron RS7 Intelli IT is a high-quality but also quite expensive blood pressure monitor with an app connection. In the comparison of the wrist blood pressure monitors, it performs very well in the overall ranking and thus replaces the old, popular Omron RS2.

Why do blood pressure monitor results vary?

The cuff was either too tight or too loose because it was not at heart level. There was too short a pause between measurements and there was no optical or acoustic separation of the subject.

What is the highest quality blood pressure monitor that can be used for the upper arm?

The Medisana BU 530 Connect took first place in the comparison test of upper arm blood pressure monitors and impressed with its high measurement accuracy. It has 120 memory slots for two users and also offers a guest mode. The price of the device is 54.99 euros.

Why does the pressure of the blood pressure monitor always increase?

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