Our Editorial Team

William John

Creative Content Editor

Will is a Journalist, Screenwriter and Script Editor, as well as a trainee English and Media Teacher. He studied Media Writing at the University of Greenwich, where he also co-founded and ran the official Students’ Union magazine, Latitude Lookout. After discovering how difficult the media world can be to break into, Will decided to create I’m With Geek in order to help promote the work of new and upcoming writers and creatives, providing training where possible and experience opportunities for talented writers who are overlooked by the industry. Over time, he hopes I’m With Geek can become the place for wannabe creatives to find their feet.
Will juggles his time between teacher training and working closely with his fantastic team of Editors.
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If you’re interested in joining the team, email Will on [email protected]

Helen Langdon

TV Assistant Editor

Helen is an English Literature graduate from Cardiff University, and was pretty much raised by the television set. At University she had reviews published in the student newspaper, until the section had to close (due to budget constraints – this is not a reflection on her writing). She had more success with play-writing and has spent the last few years working as a subtitler for various TV channels, which hasn’t yet dented her enthusiasm for all things televisual.

One day she’d like to finish her novel or that play she promised a friend a while ago, but films and TV shows keep on appearing that need to be watched. As well as constantly staring at screens, she enjoys attempting to make nerdy crafts and failing miserably (a Dame Judi Dench inspired cross stitch is next on the list).

Ben Mapp

Games Editor

Ben Mapp is a graduate of English and Creative Writing, whose dream it is to one day live in a world where the population is split between those who sound like Stephen Fry and those who sound like Brian Blessed.

Ben has learned over the years that it is never easy to pursue a dream which so many others don’t believe in, but in the meantime he has chosen to surround himself with the people who mainly ask ‘why not?’ instead of ‘why?’ He hopes that such encouragement will keep him on the right track.

Ben’s main passions stem from playing video games, going to see the latest cinema releases, and following all of the newest news in regards to both of those industries. He also finds inspiration from personal heroes of his such as video game writer Amy Hennig (writer of the Legacy of Kainseries), film-maker Kevin Smith (creator of Clerks), Discworld author Terry Pratchett and, more importantly than any of those, Ben’s dear ol’ mum, who gives him the confidence he needs to shoot for the stars.

Cookie ‘N’ Screen

Business Manager/Film Editor

Cookie is the mistress of cult and guilty pleasure cinema.

Born in the University of Greenwich (a place of film legend), Cookie N Screen covers whole spectrum of weird and wonderful cinema including independent to foreign movies. Cookie is a passionate film writer who loves movies more than anything. (She also writes for UK Arts Directory, Cinema Chords, Film Debate and One Room With a View). She also writes, edits and promotes books and writers with Tin Hut Tales Publishers).

But Cookie doesn’t just write about film. This year sees her working an film productions, writing screenplays and writing a novella. Cookie longs to live in a world of film; creating it, writing about it and watching it. She is delighted with the team and writers on I’m With Geek, hoping to produce the greatest film content ever!