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Channel Hopping

It’s the beginning of September, and with it sees the start of a new glut of televisual goodness.

Because you’re all busy, people and don’t necessarily have time to research all that you watch to see whether it’s worth your valuable commodity, we here at I’m With Geek have set ourselves the lofty goal of getting the reviews you so desperately need within twenty four hours of the episode airing!

This means that you can watch Constantine on the can, The Big Bang Theory in your bedroom and Game of Thrones in your garden all whilst avoiding spoilers where possible.

We’re really looking forward to bringing you the best possible service for your viewing pleasure, so please let us know what you think in our comments; we want to ear from you to help make our site the best it can be!

So, until next time, keep circulating those tapes!

Graham Osborne
TV Editor…