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The Power of Creativity

Creativity is important. Without creativity, the world would come to an end, fairly quickly. It’s the ability to think, to dream up new ideas and constantly strive to make something new, something better, that sets us aside from other animals. Sure, dreams can come at a price if you’re not careful; it doesn’t do to dwell on a dream so much that you don’t actually do anything to achieve it, but we’d be far worse off if we didn’t dream up new ideas.

I’m With Geek exist with the specific purpose of promoting creativity. Whether it’s helping new, inexperienced journalists to get their work published, working closely with independent film-makers to help promote their hard work, or reviewing and critiquing the latest Hollywood blockbusters, we’re all about showing off people’s dreams.

We’d like to welcome everyone out there who has a story to share or skill to show off… We want to work with you. We want to help promote your work. We want to share your dreams with the world…

Christ, that sounds corny!