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Deadpool - Review

The obsession with Deadpool is astounding. Within the I’m With Geek offices alone, every single droplet of news, trailers or behind the scenes picture has been met with such fervour and frothing at the mouth that we had to call the vet out to make …

Hit Play: The Lobster (2015)

There are a lot of grumblings of late that there are no original movies. Too often I see people lamenting about the state of Hollywood with all its remakes, reboots, and lacklustre adaptations of better mediums. Whilst I can agree there is an exhau…

Never Have I Ever... Seen 'Point Break'

Everyone, whether they’re a film lover or not, has had that conversation with somebody. The conversation that starts with a discussion about a film, you jumping in with “Er, yeah, I actually haven’t seen that one”, followed with exclamations and in…

Places of Worship: Genesis Cinema

In case you haven’t noticed, we love cinemas. Coming from a film obsessives that is like an alcoholic admitting they like whiskey. But we don’t just like cinemas, we adore them like Christians laud the carvings of its churches in all their omnipo…

Happy Third Birthday, I'm With Geek!

Dear Readers,

Three years. Three. Three whole years. It’s an interesting number, three. Coincidentally, our anniversary happens to fall on the 3rd of February, and just under a week ago, we celebrated 3000 followers on Twitter. 3000 followers,…


It may not be Halloween but are ready for things that go bump in the night?

Popular horror book and TV series adaptation Goosebumps will hit cinemas next month starring Jack Black. Starring alongside a group of young heroes fighting a whole lo…

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Movie Releases – 12/02/16
What will you be watching?  
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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Brand New Trailer!
Tina Fey is a comedic legend. Not only famed for performances on SNL, Fey has also triumphed in the writing
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Batman V Superman – Final Trailer
This is the trailer we deserved. The night was darkest just before the dawn, with Warner Bros. revealing Doomsday in
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The Survivalist – Review
There are actors out there who you feel deserve a bigger recognition for their work. Perhaps they’ve appeared in some
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EE BAFTA 2016 – Attendees Announced!
The BAFTAs are only a few days away! The incredible award ceremony will begin on Valentine’s Day, perfect for film
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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip
The tale of three talking chipmunks adopted by a human may seem silly but to many, Alvin and the Chipmunks
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Bleed – Brand New Trailer!
You’ve got to admire women who’ve carried a tiny human around with them for a period of time and squeezed
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Grimsby – Brand New Trailer and Clips!
How much do you think Mark Strong is being paid for this? No, seriously. How much? Do you think he
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Mr. Right – Brand New Trailer!
Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick in one movie together? What kind of good deed did we do to deserve this?
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